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Wearable tech decision tree

Here it is, the simplest decision tree I can build for choosing your wearable sleep, activity, fitness, or sport tracking device(s). I’ll modify it as I get more inputs. decide what you want to track, sleep or activity? (if both, follow both) if they match, then congrats, you only need one device; if they don’t, […] Read More⇒

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The Best Heart Rate Strap : Comparing Scosche Rhythm+, Mio Link, 4iiiii Viiiiiva, Wahoo KickrX

I do a ton of sports tech testing. Some days it feels like I’m on a never-ending search to find the best heart rate strap. I’ve tested them all. However, straps are boring to video record so this will just be a text-based blog post. In short, here is what I’ve learned about HR data […] Read More⇒