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A weekend with Dan John and Chip Conrad at Mental Meat Heads 7

What a great weekend.  I just returned from two days up in Sacramento at Agoge Ftness System’s “Mental Meat Heads 7” event.  I had the opportunity to learn from two of my favorite people in the fitness industry: Dan John, and Chip Conrad.   I knew that the weekend would contain a wealth of information […] Read More⇒

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Simplified health and sport apps and devices market map

A first attempt to provide a simplified look at the devices and apps market by looking at the wireless protocols across the X (time) axis and depth / complexity of feature set on the Y axis. Let me know if you think this works…or doesn’t. I’m not convinced this is the right view but it’s […] Read More⇒

Review of the Wearable Technologies conference July 22/23 2013

(This post is uh 6 months late – an infinity in this market. I’m posting it anyway) The second ever Wearable Technologies Conference hosted and run by Wearable Technologies AG (link) from Germany, was held here in San Francisco July 22/23. Attendees came from R&D labs, early-stage idea companies, crowd-funded startups, and large electronics manufacturers. […] Read More⇒

A tale of five Garmins (310XT, 910XT, FR610, FR620, and Tactix)

I’m always looking to see what’s happening in the space at the same time as I’m looking for what I will use day to day for my own training across a number of different sports. I’m hard on my equipment and have high product standards. I expect that anything I use will meet the following: […] Read More⇒

Best damned Light and Medium crew out there!

Working with Team Rubicon in Oklahoma

Team Rubicon is a veteran’s organization that “bridges the gap” in natural disasters. They get on the ground as soon as the disaster hits and stay there until the long-term recovery agencies are in place and functioning. In this case, they were in Moore, Oklahoma for 5 weeks and I was fortunate to be invited […] Read More⇒

GoRuck Challenge San Francisco Class 662 June 21 2013

About a year ago a friend of mine told me he was going to go do an event called a “GoRuck“. I asked what was involved. He said that he and a bunch of others were going to put 50 pounds of bricks in their packs and then go get yelled at by a bunch […] Read More⇒

Boston trip photos

I had the opportunity to spend a month in Boston this spring and have to say that I was impressed  at how many photo opportunities there were. It’s a really pretty city. Read More⇒

I’m in the June/July/August issue of Backbone Magazine talking about cleantech in Canada

Backbone Magazine has just published a great overview of the cleantech sector in Canada that contains quotes from a number of notable people in the space including Kirk Washington (Yaletown Venture Partners), Victoria Smith (BC Hydro), Rick Whittaker (Sustainable Development Technology Canada), Raul Pacheco-Vega (UBC), Helen Goodland (Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre) and me. Thanks to […] Read More⇒