Google tweaks their blogging tool

Having only had my blog for about five days, I can’t remember what I did before it. Oh yeah, I annoyed my friends with all of my email telling them about cool things that they were only remotely interested in. Now I get to post them here and chat with people who actually care! Well, I’m a convert and I think that blogging will be huge (just like that new-fangled internet thing.) Google thought so to and purchased “Blogger” last year and they are revising it right now to make it easier. I have not compared their site to Blogware or any of the others. Can anybody point me to a good comparison?

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  1. I’m sure that once the flurry of “hey, look at the new guy!” wears off, there will be some Blogger vs. TypePad vs. Blogware reviews (these are the [only?] three hosted blogging platforms).

    I just checked out my account and it is still active (woo-hoo! blogging since Feb 2000!) so I’ll probably start a test BlogSpot account and perhaps even do a review or two myself.

  2. i will start a blogspot blog too

    but i can tell you some of things that Blogware has that free Blogspot blogs don’t:

    1. RSS generation, Atom will be great but for now it is a bug 🙂 not a feature

    2. photos, free blogspot blogs don’t support


    3. disk space

    4. flexible categories – Blogware’s bubbling up (posts in sub categories bubble up to higher level categories by default)

    5. email notification for comments and for new posts by category – something very flexible that I believe only blogware does

    6. nested, threaded comments

    i am sure there are lots more

    hope that helps!

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