Boris Mann and Troy respond to Brent Holliday’s recent Web Two Point Oh No article

Boris posted a note about Brent Holliday’s recent Web Two Point Oh anti-hype column.

Brent, I sensed just a little bit of defensiveness about your 1.0 state. Let any of us know if you want a hand moving your column over to 2.0 standards, we’ll be happy to help. Really. More accurately, let me volunteer Boris and Roland since I really can’t do any of this stuff directly – I just write about it!

Also we would like to invite you to join us in discussing what 2.0 means for entrepreneurs, developers, users, and investors over at

In addition, I hope that we will see you at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum’s October 25th event where Dick Hardt, Boris Mann, Roland Tanglao and a cast of 2.0 characters will be sharing their thoughts with everybody on where we are and where we’re going.

I look forward to seeing you there Brent!

(Brent? Hello? Oh maybe you can’t see this article because you’re not tracking your name in PubSub or any of the other blog search engines? Maybe I can send him a *gasp* email. That’s SO last year.)

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  1. Found you. As I mentioned in my column, I find it ironic that I write in 1.0 HTML and I am commenting on Web 2.0 hype. I admit it! But I don’t control the site. Send your condescending blather on to Mike Bouer at T-Net and see if he believes! I will be there on Tuesday and Dick asked me to add some people to the conversation. He took me up on that and added Geoff Hansen. I must say that your “holier than thou” attitude is exactly what permeates Web 2.0 hype today and that until there is a business underlying the hype, you are talking about improved usability and features. BTW, VEF guest Paul Kedrosky mocks the hype with his PublicLoos mash-up.

    Introduce yourself Tuesday. Brent

  2. Hey Brent, we will absolutely introduce ourselves. Looking forward to it. Hope you didn’t mind all the kidding! See you next Tuesday.


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