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Earth Day and President Bush talks about the environment. Shockingly, lighting did not strike him dead on the spot.

Another brilliant rant from Mark Morford. See the full article here. Excerpts below: Look, see those tire marks? That ungainly footprint? Feel that breath of humid doom upon your skin? Yes, the president was just here. Up in Napa Valley, … Continue reading

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Communication Channel Generation Gaps: Talk to your friends via SMS; your colleagues via IM/Skype, your parents via email and phones

I work on a lot of different distributed teams, on corporate and non-profit projects. I have been finding it very interesting (and frustrating) to see what channels I have to use to communicate to my various peers. Channels by environment: … Continue reading

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Scott Adam’s Dilbert does it again: Vijay the world’s most desperate venture capitalist funds a floating city

I LOVE this series. And it always kills me when Dogbert wags. Dilbert can be found here.

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Web 2.0: Independent film production company discovers that wikis solve their serious document overload and versionitis issues

Thanks to Peter P for the heads up on this great little news story (okay, it’s a press release, not a news story) about Jotspot’s wiki platform being used to help manage a very complex financing process for an independent … Continue reading

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Best backup software for the Mac is SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket Software

For simple backups, there is no better application than SuperDuper. I tried Sync Pro, Tri-Backup, Data Backup, Carbon Copy Cloner and I was a dedicated Retrospect user for many years of building Macintosh networks. (I didn’t bother linking them because … Continue reading

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Best movie trailers of the year: Happy Feet

I hope the movie is half as funny as the trailers. Watch both Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. Brilliant.

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Boris Mann explains why Vancouver is such a great place to start or join a cool company (UPDATED)

My friend Boris Mann had some great things to say about Vancouver being an excellent place to join or start a company here in this posting. However, I would add “capital efficiency”, great education system, and an awesome talent pool … Continue reading

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Border wars: Plumbers union fights green building because the waterless no-flush urinals will “spread disease”. Um, don’t you mean they will spread “less work for plumbers?”

I’m intrigued by stories such as this one in the ABC News about the plumbers union in Philadelphia who claim that no-flush green urinals are a health threat. I wonder if the union sees them more as a health threat … Continue reading

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Hey NASA, we’re going to call it the Vancouver-levator. (or how Vancouver’s geeks and visionaries will build the space elevator that allows us to leap into the solar system.)

Space Elevator illustration by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren from Mondolithic (Vancouver’s own brilliant illustrators with a global fan base!) I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steven Jones, the leader of the UBC Snowstar team  – a team of … Continue reading

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Apple’s stroke of genius: Let people run Windows on their new Macs because heck, we’ll sell a lot more hardware!

Apple has released a public beta of Boot Camp, a small application that creates a soft partition on your existing Mac drive (without having to reformat and partition the whole drive), lets you create a CD of hardware drivers, and … Continue reading

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New York Times’ sleazy walled garden pseudo membership: Register for FREE to see our articles. Registered? Oh, THAT article isn’t free, that’s a PAID article but now we have your membership information.

While trying to view John Batelle’s “Building a Better Boom” article on the New York Times, I came up against their standard walled garden gate. Since it was free, I thought what the hell, I’ll register. No, I’m not giving … Continue reading

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