Best backup software for the Mac is SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket Software

For simple backups, there is no better application than SuperDuper. I tried Sync Pro, Tri-Backup, Data Backup, Carbon Copy Cloner and I was a dedicated Retrospect user for many years of building Macintosh networks. (I didn’t bother linking them because they’re all pretty awful now – Retrospect in particular started to go sideways around Version 5 and never really recovered.)

But these days, for doing basic backup of my Mac, the single best app is SuperDuper. Their website, their software, the pricing, the overall design philosophy – all of it is perfectly integrated. They are a great little company with a great little product. I hope they do well!

If you need simple backups and you have a Mac, go download it and try it. And basic bootable backups are free. You only need to pay if you want some of the additional functionality. Pay the nice people – it’s rare to find software this simple or well-thought-out.

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  1. Because I like small, easy to use, elegantly designed apps that I can recommend to friends and clients without them having to know how to use the terminal (which by the way, they have never heard of.)

    But for those who know how to use it, rsync is perfectly fine. I like having a simple GUI and double-clickable scripts for my friends and clients.

  2. Now, you wrote this article a little while back… Is SuperDuper still your favorite? And might you have a recommendation for (automated, preferably) backing up from a single machine to an FTP storage site? Thanks!

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