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Enterprise 2.0: Corporate Wikis reviewed (update)

Over the past month and a couple of conversations, I have had the opportunity to speak with Ross Mayfield, CEO for Socialtext. Ross has very rightly pointed out that there have been major changes since July 2006 when the original posting went up and I agreed that since I’m keeping the post up, that I […] Read More⇒

Event: March 23, 2007: “The business case for social software in the enterprise”, presented at the Under the Radar / Office 2.0 Conference in Mountain View, CA

My friend Debbie and her team at Dealmaker Media are running the “Under the Radar: Office 2.0” conference in Mountain View, CA on March 23, 2007. Aside from having been on the selection committee with some fine folks (Rod Boothby, Richard McManus, Zoli Erdos, Ismael Ghalimi, Stowe Boyd, Ori Weinroth, Brad Feld, and Rafe Needleman), […] Read More⇒

Event: March 21, 2007: “Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture”, presented to AJAX World in New York

I have the good fortune of speaking on March 21, 2007 at AJAXWorld and have chosen as my topic, “Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture”. The event “blurb” is here: What do you do to maximize your revenue? The options are exploding, the ecosystem is becoming more complex and nobody seems to be […] Read More⇒

Event: April 30, 2007: “From Web 2.0 to Office 2.0: How the social web will impact our working lives” for the High-Tech Communicators Exchange

Ean Jackson and I will be presenting on Web 2.0,  Office 2.0, and Enterprise 2.0 to a group of communications professionals at the High-Tech Communicators Exchange on April 30, 2007. Location is TBA. (Event site, [Powerpoint not yet available]) The purpose of the talk is to explain how the Web 2.0 principles are migrating from […] Read More⇒