I hope Apple is building the iTablet: a light-weight, wireless, touch screen tablet.

Knowing Apple and the crazy speculation about their recent alleged touch-screen purchases, I hope that they are finally building an iTablet. I have had some interesting epiphanies lately. My iPhone is actually a much more useful mini-tablet than it is a phone. Honestly, the phone part is not that great. Maybe it was just AT&T but their network seems crappy with the iPhone. So I took my iphone off the cell network and just started to use it as my iPod and it’s a damned cool machine. Then Kindle2 was announced by Amazon and as much as I like the idea of the Kindle2, it’s only useful for browsing their own books, PDFs you get there through a variety of byzantine approaches, and Wikipedia. In short, it’s not exactly a general purpose broswer. What I want is an iTablet that is as thin as a Kindle2, but full-colour, wi-fi, 3G, and that runs the full iPod/iPhone OS so I can run all of the iPhone apps, listen to music, watch movies, check my email, surf the web, download and read Kindle books and just be my non-laptop tablet. Here’s my attempt at the appropriate launch ad from Apple. Disclaimer: I do not work for Apple, nor do I have any inside information. If I get this even remotely close, it’s a fluke.

This is my attempt at a mock-up for the iTablet

This is my attempt at a mock-up for the iTablet

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try a Kindle. Have never seen an iPhone so don’t know what you’re on about but a Kindle makes sense to me.

  2. But the battery usage for something like this would make it impossible, wouldn’t it? The Kindle and the Sony use low power e-paper. Am I missing something?

    • Troy

      Maybe but don’t you think Apple has always made leaps forward while sacrificing things on the way knowing that eventually technology would catch up? the first iPods had hard drives (first ever in an MP3 player) with small capacities and pretty awful battery life. But they had made the leap. Technology then caught up. Look at the MacBook Air – no removeable battery, solid state super expensive drives with almost no useable capacity but they made the world’s lightest 13″ laptop. The power management group at apple is probably second to none across the industry right now. Following their patterns from before, they would remove as much as possible (unibody design, no moving parts, minimal plugs, and buttons), add the essentials (wi-fi and maybe 3G), and then make the great leap forward (low-power touch screen of some sort – possibly even grey scale like the early iPods, followed by better screens later as the technology matures.)

      One of the things I appreciate about Apple’s design ethic is that they really are one of the companies that improve design by stripping things away, rather than adding them. Heck, look at the new iPod Shuffle. They were the first company to ditch floppies, the first company to make CD drives standard issue, the first company to ditch the old serial ports and go all USB (I might be reaching there – I don’t know that for sure.) My point is that with each generation, they seem to do ditch old technology and standardize on new technology before it’s ready for prime time and the act of doing that lets them get an early market lead and then also drive down the costs of said components by purchasing them en masse. I can imagine Apple starting with regular screens now and then moving to touch OLED screens as those develop. Who knows? But it will be fun waiting!

  3. Fun indeed! Especially like the rumour that Apple might be starting their own electronic bookstore (as per Andy Ihnatko). We will see.

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