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From the sublime to the ridiculous – our communication ecosystem is more complex than it needs to be

Okay, my Plaxo Pulse “simplify my life” quest spun out of control into exactly what I was hoping to avoid – a full-on examination of my various communication networks and channels. Too late. My question is this. For all of us uber connected networking, writing, blogging, conference-going wonks, is your system as horrendous? What great […] Read More⇒

CIOs prioritizing virtualization and cloud computing in 2009 says Forrester

(This was originally posted at and I’m cross-posting it here as well.) Frank Gillett and his team over at Forrester have released “The State Of Emerging Enterprise/SMB Hardware Trends: 2008 To 2009″ reports. You can find them here (Enterprise / SMB). The summary is below with my thoughts added at the bottom: x86 server […] Read More⇒

Cloud computing, virtualization, SaaS, Web Services call for companies closes March 20, 2009 for Under the Radar

Under the Radar Round 2 Calls! As many of you know, I am extremely fortunate to be assisting the Dealmaker Media team as co-chair of the upcoming Under the Radar event on April 24, 2009 in San Francisco. This is round 2 of our call for companies in the cloud computing, virtualization, software as a […] Read More⇒