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I’m in the June/July/August issue of Backbone Magazine talking about cleantech in Canada

Backbone Magazine has just published a great overview of the cleantech sector in Canada that contains quotes from a number of notable people in the space including Kirk Washington (Yaletown Venture Partners), Victoria Smith (BC Hydro), Rick Whittaker (Sustainable Development Technology Canada), Raul Pacheco-Vega (UBC), Helen Goodland (Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre) and me. Thanks to […] Read More⇒

I’m in this week’s Business in Vancouver talking about cloud computing

I’m quoted in this week’s Business in Vancouver, discussing cloud computing, along with my industry colleague Sarah Morton from Backbone Systems (a recent sponsor of the Vancouver Cloud Camp.) I’m glad Curt got my favourite line in there, courtesy of Vancouver’s world-famous sci-fi author, William Gibson: “the future is already here, it just isn’t widely […] Read More⇒

British Columbia’s Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Techvibes and I released “BC’s Cloud Computing Ecosystem – A Comprehensive List” today. Please leave comments, tell me what I missed, make suggestions, debate my definitions of cloud, or whatever else. More than anything, please come and join the conversation. And if you click through the link at the bottom, it will take you from […] Read More⇒

Cloud Definitions, Benefits, Issues and Opportunities

(This post is being cross-posted here but the original post is at This April 24, 2009, I’m fortunate to be working with Dealmaker Media who will be hosting the 13th Under the Radar conference. In one day we will present a full roster of innovative startups, tech thought leaders, and REAL enterprise & big […] Read More⇒

UPDATED: Under the Radar Relay Fri Mar 16, 2007

Many of you know that I was on the selection committee for “Why Office 2.0 Matters” – a one day conference being organized by the Dealmaker Media team in SF. The one day session will look at 32 of the most promising companies emerging in the Office-productivity-on-the-web category. As part of the run-up to the […] Read More⇒

Event: April 24, 2007: 21st Angel Forum, Vancouver, BC

On Monday, March 26th, 2007, Bob Chaworth-Musters and his team will once again be offering their Investor Ready 101 course, a fantastic day of coaching for young companies to learn how to prepare their investor pitches. This is a lead-in to the Angel Forum that will be held on April 24th, 2007. At the Angel […] Read More⇒

Event: March 23, 2007: “The business case for social software in the enterprise”, presented at the Under the Radar / Office 2.0 Conference in Mountain View, CA

My friend Debbie and her team at Dealmaker Media are running the “Under the Radar: Office 2.0” conference in Mountain View, CA on March 23, 2007. Aside from having been on the selection committee with some fine folks (Rod Boothby, Richard McManus, Zoli Erdos, Ismael Ghalimi, Stowe Boyd, Ori Weinroth, Brad Feld, and Rafe Needleman), […] Read More⇒

Event: April 30, 2007: “From Web 2.0 to Office 2.0: How the social web will impact our working lives” for the High-Tech Communicators Exchange

Ean Jackson and I will be presenting on Web 2.0,  Office 2.0, and Enterprise 2.0 to a group of communications professionals at the High-Tech Communicators Exchange on April 30, 2007. Location is TBA. (Event site, [Powerpoint not yet available]) The purpose of the talk is to explain how the Web 2.0 principles are migrating from […] Read More⇒