Web based project management applications

Basecamp looks like another interesting web-app for design and print shops to manage their workflows. It looks pretty straight forward, but may not be as feature-rich as this one from Function Point here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Anybody have any other favourites to post here? Ideally it would contain projects, tasks, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, […] Read More⇒

Personalized gene-based treatment in 3 years predicts

Richard Gibbs, one of the most prominent researchers in genomics, predicts that we will go from the research stage to actual useable personalized gene-based treatment within the next three years (by 2007). Following Ray Kurzweil’s double exponential curve on technology growth, it feels like NOTHING is more than three years away. Read More⇒

Abu Ghraib: Pattern of systemic abuse, not the wrongdoing of a few

This article summaring the Red Cross report to the military sounds extremely plausible given the fact that the prison is overloaded, the prison guards were reservists with little or no training in guarding prisons, and that military intelligence (interrogation units) were basically running the place. The US deserves every bit of backlash it gets from […] Read More⇒