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City of Berkeley launches their Climate Action Plan using Vancouver-based Visible Strategies’ “See-It”. WOW.

Check out the newly launched Climate Action Plan Indicators tool from the City of Berkeley that is based on Vancouver’s own Visible Strategies‘ “See-It” application. It allows all of the stakeholders to have a dashboard that lets them input their goals, and then track their progress towards those goals. Congrats VS team and City of […] Read More⇒

Web 2.0 Summit 2006 – Day 2 / Mary Meeker gives Morgan Stanley’s “State of the Internet, Part 3” talk – “The World’s Information is Getting Organized and Monetized”

(For the most recent articles on Web 2.0, check out my full Web 2.0 articles category.) Day 2 notes from Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA: [my analysis and notes are in these square brackets.]Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley: The State of the Internet Part 3 Overview of State of the internet can be summarized […] Read More⇒