19th Annual Angel Forum to be held on Mon, Feb 26, 2006 in Vancouver, BC. Perfect for angel investors or entrepreneurs looking for up to $1M in fundin

It’s that time of year again. If you are an investor willing to invest in startups, or an investor seeking between $100,000 and $1 million, registration is now open for the 19th Annual Angel Forum, hosted by Bob Chaworth-Musters. I’ll let speak for himself:

Current Angel investor preferences are for both tech and non-tech companies at the “starting sales” stage with good investor demand for “in-development” stage or “established sales” stage.  They are looking for:
  • an experienced management team (not necessarily complete) located a half day from the investor.
  • unique and innovative products/services with clear protectable and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • a compelling market need to allow the company to grow to a significant size with a leadership market share.
  • company has raised funds from family/friends, the NRC or similar agency and has a realistic business valuation.
  • a well prepared investor presentation (from attending preparation seminars such as Investor Ready 101

Open to all is the popular Investor Ready 101 “How to Raise Equity” boot-camp seminar on January 30 in Vancouver (Feb 1 on Vancouver Island). 


Register early for reduced fees. Information at http://www.ANGELforum.org.   Questions? mailto:Bob@ANGELforum.org

I have attended and volunteered at the Angel Forum for a few sessions now. It is a great opportunity to mix with investors, meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and to look for potential business alliances with other startups. I would highly recommend attending this session if you are looking to invest or looking for capital.