20% of U.S. cars will be hybrids by 2010....and 80% by 2015. Now if we can just make them bio-diesel/hybrids, I'll get really excited.

Wired talks about the demand outstripping supply for both diesel vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the U.S. and how that will likely lead to diesel/hybrid vehicles. The problem is that diesel is still fossil-fuel based, stinky, sooty, and toxic.

VW has also publicly declared that they are reversing their stand on hybrid cars and will be releasing a hybrid very soon although they are unsure if it will be gas or diesel based.

And a Booz Allen Hamilton report claims that 20 percent of U.S. buyers may convert to hybrids by 2010…and 80 percent by 2015.

Hopefully, we will put bio-diesel into those diesel/hybrid cars (something that you can do without modifying the engines.) Sure, bio-diesel costs a few cents more but if your car is getting 85mpg (like the SMART car), who cares?