This video made me smile and laugh all the way through it: a crazy Friday night at Crossfit suffering with good friends and enjoying life

I’ll keep this short or I’ll get all sappy. I love hanging out with this group and pushing our bodies and suffering together. It’s the best thing I could possibly do with my time. Thanks guys (and girls).

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    I’m on my 5th personal training session and I gotta say that work out scares me 😀
    Can’t wait to get up to that fitness level.

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    I noticed this as a link on Boris Mann’s blog and began checking out Crossfit over the past few days. Lots of videos. It looks like an amazing take on fitness. The one thing I don’t get is why so much of it focuses on weightlifting exercises, but it looks to have a broad range of other workouts and things like Gymnastics / MMA as well.

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