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Boris Mann and the team over at Bootup Labs are stealing a great idea from some of our U.S. counterparts – the Startup Visa. In short, they (and I) want to see a visa category created by the government that makes it easier for a founding entrerpreneur to get a visa to be in the country.

I disagree however on the terms. I think that startup founders should be able to get visas without having to secure VC funding. VC funding is not always appropriate for all ventures. I think that another filter could be applied, something along the lines of “it must employ __ Canadians within ___ period of time” or risk revocation. Otherwise, this just becomes another point of leverage between the funder and the entrepreneur.

Having been in need of this visa myself in the States, I definitely see the value in creating this.

Please head on over to Bootup Labs petition site here to sign it.

Startup Visa Canada | Bootup Labs Blog.

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  1. Avatar

    Yes, VC funding was a term I added because that fits our model specifically. But I agree that it may not work in all situations. I would prefer to *not* have it in there at all, but after reading the immigration rules for other types of ‘visas’, I felt that it would be a term that would make it easier to be accepted by the immigration beurocrats. Most first time founders don’t have much money, and wouldn’t pass the ‘putting stress on our social system’ test.

    • Troy

      But given the funding rates of most small technology businesses and the fact that many of them are bootstrapped, it seems to unnecessarily limit the visa in my opinion. I’d definitely prefer to see some sort of “number of employee” threshold or something. I think that the E visa in the U.S. is $1M of investment and must employ >5 U.S. citizens…? Taking that approach but limiting the investment portion would be preferable. Like all systems, it would/will get gamed anyway but that’s not a reason to not do it.

      In any case, nice work on pushing the idea. It’s an idea whose time has come.

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