Great ride today. I LOVE the new highway for road-cycling.

I think that the Sea to Sky Highway is going to become known as one of the most amazing road-bike rides in the world. The Whistler Granfondo is going to be a blast. Great training ride day today. 16k warmup and then 3 16k sprints.

Click the map to follow along!

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    Hi Troy,

    This ride sounds great! I would love to try this challenge one day. I ride quite a bit also but I live down in Southern California. Lot’s of mountains around here but none as green as what you have up there.

    Interestedly enough, I found you while reading an article in Backbone magazine about clean tech in BC. A LinkedIn friend of mine sent me the article to read since he knows I’m interested in moving to BC and working in the clean-tech industry.

    I’m currently a mechanical engineer working at the Jet Propulsion Labs here in Pasadena, California – specifically working on technology used in satellite data recovery for environmental studies and life-sciences – project such as SMAP, OCO, etc. However, I’m seriously looking for work up in the BC area.

    I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to join my LinkedIn network so I can better introduce myself and see if there are any opportunities with your firm (or other firms who are looking for engineering expertise and talent).

    Thanks for your time and happy riding!

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