A bachelors degree in Homeland Security? Here's a better idea. How about a Masters degree in civil society, humanity, art, culture, love, freedom, sex

Universities (in the U.S.) are now going to be offering courses in such exciting Homeland Security topics as: how to hunt witches, how to protect against witch spells, and ….oops, that was in the McCarthy era. The new courses include Homeland (In)Security and the State, Jihad and the End of the World, and Urban Security (on how to build blast-proof buildings.) No, I am not kidding.  Universities are doing the monkey dance for additional federal funding from the Department of Homeland Paranoia.

I have a much better idea. Let’s educate the population on how to build a civil society based on principles of freedom, democracy, love, sex, joy, compassion, environmental stewardship, sustainable development, health, fitness, and deep international relations. Let’s focus on developing our population to build the world we want, rather than focusing on trying to protect ourselves from the world we don’t want.  It does not help to say, “I don’t want (terrorists/witches/commies)” because it means that you are against something and for nothing.

The best thing in the world that a country can do is to strengthen itself not just with armour, but with drive, passion, and a vision for the future. By making and keeping allies in the world, rather than alienating and dividing them and going it alone.

I hope that students see through the nonsense and ignore the new courses and register in International Mediation, health, fitness, tantric sex, beer-drinking, arts, literature, history, and sports classes instead. THAT would lead to a better country than learning “how to mitigate the damage of bombs in an urban environment.”