Amazon made somewhere between $10M and ummm...$542M on AWS in 2008. Mmmm...seem to be missing some granularity.

Amazon had their earnings call for their Q4 2008. Buried in those numbers are the numbers for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Eric Engleman did some very brief analysis showing that the “Other Revenue” category (which includes AWS and other…others.) did $542M in 2008, up 41.5% from 2007.  If we guess that AWS makes up 25% of that (for conservative purposes), that puts it at $135M in 2008 although some others are saying that it won’t even hit $50M by 2012 so until we have more information, it’s all guessing. More analysis by Rafat Alvi can be found here. Not surprisingly, Bezos on the call mentioned that  “there is a very significant and meaningful opportunity over time for enterprise level customers with our web services business. This is the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Simple Storage Service are already being used by a number of enterprise level customers, and we expect that trend to continue.” I have heard that same thing directly from the AWS sales team. Enterprises aren’t using it for mission critical applications but they ARE using it.

Anybody else have better insight yet?

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