Best backup software for the Mac is SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket Software

For simple backups, there is no better application than SuperDuper. I tried Sync Pro, Tri-Backup, Data Backup, Carbon Copy Cloner and I was a dedicated Retrospect user for many years of building Macintosh networks. (I didn’t bother linking them because they’re all pretty awful now – Retrospect in particular started to go sideways around Version 5 and never really recovered.)

But these days, for doing basic backup of my Mac, the single best app is SuperDuper. Their website, their software, the pricing, the overall design philosophy – all of it is perfectly integrated. They are a great little company with a great little product. I hope they do well!

If you need simple backups and you have a Mac, go download it and try it. And basic bootable backups are free. You only need to pay if you want some of the additional functionality. Pay the nice people – it’s rare to find software this simple or well-thought-out.