BlackBox Republic is now open and you're invited!

My friends have been working hard at creating a new social site – something unlike everything else out there.

Unlike most social sites that are pretty specific like LinkedIn for business, Facebook for…well…everybody including your grandma, and dating sites that are specific to your partners of choice, this is about the full expression of humanity. Here’s an example of how you categorize yourself with their site:

In short, it’s a new type of site that hasn’t really existed before, for all orientations, relationship combinations and lifestyles to find each other and meet – online and offline.
There is a system of vouching for other people that also helps to make it less anonymous and weird, a problem with many dating sites.

I know that the BlackBox Republic team have been working hard to create this new kind of community. I highly recommend you go check it out.

At BlackBox Republic, you can:

– be yourself, whatever THAT might mean;
– find people who fit your mood;
– freely express yourself and make that public or private;
– post subsets of your information to Facebook or Twitter;
– find events and people to hang with.

It’s invite-only so here is a link to join.

Let them know what you think of their fancy shmancy new site!