Bruce Schneier on the new "Trusted Traveller" program. And what's with all the Orwellian naming conventions?

Dan Gilmor pointed the way to Bruce’s article on the new “Trusted Traveller” program. The reason I love Bruce Schneier is that he is solidly grounded in the real world. He is one of the foremost computer security experts in the world and his brilliance lies in his ability to clearly explain difficult concepts and to articulate simply and clearly how most security practices are based not on results but on belief or perception of results.

Bruce has been commenting a lot lately on the American government’s inept security practices, many of which are designed to make the government APPEAR to be doing something, while in fact doing little or worse, causing even more problems than they solve.

I highly recommend Bruce’s books as well:

Bruce also runs a really cool company called Counterpane Security in the U.S. that provides managed security services to enterprise and business customers. I believe that his model will eventually take over the entire security market for business.

As an aside, what is with all of the American security programs and their Orwellian names: The Trusted Traveller, SecureFlight, and the Trucker’s Spying Program called Highway Watch.