Building a map of sensors, devices, apps, displays, protocols, agents, and end-points. (phew!)

As many of you know, I’ve been looking a lot lately at the sport tech wearables space. It’s amazing how complicated it is. I was experimenting with a way of modeling it out so that people can see what I mean. Not sure this is the right way to do it but it’s a start. Feel free to log into the Google doc (read-only) and either drop me a message here or at troy at troyangrignon dot com if you want to contribute or help me with corrections.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 21.15.47



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    Hi Troy, I have been going crazy trying to figure out which one of these to buy. I know I would lose the one you clip on, I was looking into the Fit Flex and noticed the Misfit Force. I ran across your reviews and I am completely confused now. I had no idea there was so many of these out there. I am hoping you can help me. All I want this for is motivation. I want to be able to swim, workout, do the treadmill, and see what I have done and maybe it will make me go more. I am not that over weight. I am 130 lbs and 5’3 but, I am 50 and not in the kind of shape I am used to being in. I already have the Misfit coming in, but it looks like that is not going to be the one for me. Please help? Thank you

    • Troy Angrignon

      First, congratulations for wanting to make a change. That’s the most important first step. Setting aside the tools for a moment, it might be helpful to step back and figure out your goals. If it’s weight loss, my take on that is “you can’t out train poor nutrition” so without ever buying or using a device, simply eating better foods is always a good start and it doesn’t have to be complicated – less processed crap and more grass-fed beef and veggies and less dairy and grains. If you’re doing those things and you really want to dive into the tools, finding one that tracks everything you’ve mentioned would be challenging. I think the Misfit shine might actually be a good start for you since it’s waterproof. The Polar loop is supposed to be waterproof and has the added benefit of being able to add a heart rate strap while you do things like treadmill workouts so it can count actual energy output better but I personally hated it and thought it was poorly designed. The Misfit is a work of art and the Polar loop is a pile of dung from a design perspective. I’d give the Misfit a go and see what you think of it. Good luck! Let me know what you decide on!

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