Business idea: Backups of all of your web-based services in one spot and also to a hard drive or DVD.

So now that many of my applications live on the web, I’m kind of do I back them up? I mean, I know that THEY are backing up (aren’t they?) But what if the company evaporates one day trapping all of my precious data inside?

What I would like is a backup service that connects to all of the major web-based services (Salesforce, yahoo, flickr, gmail, etc.) and that picks up a copy of my data in some raw, simple, easy to import format so that if a crisis were to occur, that I would be able to at least look up the data, even if I couldn’t do more than that with it. Salesforce could be publishing my subset of data as an Excel workbook with worksheets for each table. Gmail could backup in MBOX format. Flickr could backup as JPEGs with tags.

With the exception of photo and movie data (because of the potential volume), I could pull the entire dataset down onto my own spare USB hard drive or set of DVDs.

Any one want to put together a business plan for this one? I don’t want to build it, but I do want to use it.

(Boris Mann’s “how do I backup my Flickr photos?” question and then my own “how do I backup my Salesforce and Gmail” questions are what prompted this posting.)