Business idea: Help me schedule my meetings with people outside of my company

How many times a week does this happen? You decide to meet a couple of business colleagues for lunch and 20 emails later, you have finally decided on a place and time that works for all of your schedules and then one of you can’t make it, starting a whole new thread of messages to try to find a time that works.

Can somebody PLEASE build a site that connects everybody’s iCal, Entourage, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, and whatever other calendars are out there and that then does a free/busy time check against all of them plus shows me the details of my calendar so that I can figure out some time slots that: a) work for all of us and b) that fit in well with my other commitments in terms of time/place.

This is an ugly knotty problem to solve and those are the best kind because if they were easy, they wouldn’t be a business opportunity.