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Fantastic business to build: Pro-active wellness systems (fitness, nutrition, support, education, sport, coaching) for the over 60 crowd

This article and many other articles like it point out the coming demographic bubble. What I always notice is that the responses are always very pro-active. They assume that the seniors will enter their golden age with problems and then degrade from there when that does not have to be the case at all. I […] Read More⇒

Study: 29,000 people, 52 countries, ten years, 262 scientists = Global causes of heart attack are the same: cholesterol profile (50%), smoking (36%), diabetes, high blood pressure, fat belly, stress, inadequate fruits and vegetables, lack of exercise.

This article at talks about the release of the findings of a major study being presented at the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Cardiology. The research […] followed 29,000 people in 52 countries. It took a decade and 262 scientists to complete the work, which, according to the editor of The Lancet […] Read More⇒

Macro-structural evolution and continuity despite micro-structural decay, dissolution, and death. How do brains, bodies, ant farms, or civilizations persist when small parts of them die every day/hour/minute?

This article on the Science & Consciousness review discusses the fact that brains appear to be persistent and consistent but their actual physical molecules are recycling in days, hours, and minutes. This makes me think of Steven Johnson’s excellent book Emergence: The Connected Lives Of Ants Brains Cities And Software wherein he discusses the life […] Read More⇒