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HP’s Russ Daniels makes a great observation

In this article, Russ Daniels, the CP and CTO of HP’s cloud services, made an astute observation:  “We think data in the cloud is exactly the right place to be looking…You can’t look at process because you can’t dictate process across that variety of participants. You need to think about what information to they have […] Read More⇒

RightScale comments on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud – it’s the start of the enterprise-ready cloud market

I agree with Thorsten von Eicken’s comments over here on the RightScale blog that Amazon’s new Virtual Private Clouds are a BIG DEAL. (Jeff Barr’s announcement blog post is here.) Now any enterprise can create a secure tunnel into virtually unlimited instances sitting over at Amazon. No more need to design, buy, rack, configure, and […] Read More⇒

Great Google ad

I laughed when I read this because it’s so true. I haven’t heard anybody say “DAMN IT, I can’t send email because my inbox is full!!!” since working at a prior company where we used Exchange where 5000 people exclaimed that almost daily. What a colossal waste of their time. Only about 1/10 of 1% […] Read More⇒

Running a distributed team? Use Skype.

I work on a lot of distributed teams and we use or have used almost everything: Webex (solid but expensive), Adobe Connect (erratic but powerful), Gatherpace (ugly but very cross-platform and very inexpensive), Yugma (I like the team and really tried multiple times but it just never worked properly and the installers always drove me […] Read More⇒