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Amazon made somewhere between $10M and ummm…$542M on AWS in 2008. Mmmm…seem to be missing some granularity.

Amazon had their earnings call for their Q4 2008. Buried in those numbers are the numbers for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Eric Engleman did some very brief analysis showing that the “Other Revenue” category (which includes AWS and other…others.) did $542M in 2008, up 41.5% from 2007.  If we guess that AWS makes up 25% […] Read More⇒

Gartner prognosticates and pisses in punch bowl at cloud computing shindig

Gartner pissed in the proverbial punchbowl this week with their prognostication that cloud computing will not be mature until 2015. Jon Foley was surprised by the conservative nature of this prediction. Rightscale reacted (appropriately and expectedly) by saying “but it’s exciting now!” I have to say that having been involved in the building of two […] Read More⇒

Google can now be used to prove that your spouse is a drunkard who wasn’t really doing errands. FINALLY, a real service.

Google launched Latitude – a features in Google Maps that lets you keep track of your friend’s locations. As with all technologies, this one will pose new challenges. I can’t wait for the first divorce stories to hit the press where spouses tracked their spouse’s activities and logged all of the locations they stopped. “Your […] Read More⇒

Jan. 22, 2009 Cloud Connect Event Notes. Moving Legacy Apps to the Cloud with David Berlind, Rob Helm, and Lew Tucker

Here are my notes from the Legacy apps session on Day 2 at the Cloud Connect Event put on by TechWeb. Thanks to David Berlind and Angela Bole and their team for putting on the event. Moderating: David Berlind, General Manager & Co-Creator, Cloud Connect Moderated: Rob Helm, Director of Research, Directions on Microsoft Lew […] Read More⇒