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The Best Heart Rate Strap : Comparing Scosche Rhythm+, Mio Link, 4iiiii Viiiiiva, Wahoo KickrX

I do a ton of sports tech testing. Some days it feels like I’m on a never-ending search to find the best heart rate strap. I’ve tested them all. However, straps are boring to video record so this will just be a text-based blog post. In short, here is what I’ve learned about HR data […] Read More⇒

Comparing Sleep Trackers: Jawbone Up24, Basis Peak, S+ by ResMed, Sleeprate, Garmin 920XT, Fitbit

  In this video (at the bottom of this post), I compare sleep trackers to see which ones function best. THE CANDIDATES (and their sensors) Jawbone Up24 (3d accelerometer) Basis Peak (continuous heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration, 3d accelerometer) S+ by ResMed (movement as read by the echo-location of low-power signals off the body) Sleeprate […] Read More⇒

The traditional GPS sport watch ecosystem is too slow-moving and will be disrupted by the apps market

I’ve been testing old world vs. new world lately in GPS watches vs. applications. It’s interesting to see the generation gaps. In short, the iPhone (mostly the iPhone and not Android because it was further ahead and simpler to code for when using Bluetooth LE – a derivative subset of Bluetooth 4.0) is disrupting the […] Read More⇒