Collaborative Eco-systems vs. monolithic dictators. DoCoMo won't let Microsoft pollute their eco-system in the mobile telecom sector

Here is an interesting article on the differences between Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and Microsoft. One does R&D and then gives direction to a community of partners, developers, hardware suppliers, and content providers. The other starts from the same point but then develops (or acquires) the entire software architecture internally and then delivers it fait accompli to its vendors. At least according to this article, DoCoMo is excluding Microsoft from DoCoMo’s mobile ecosystem because of these fundamental differences in philosophy. That is likely oversimplified and is probably in reality a multi-factor decision, not the least of which is cost. And probably a fear of letting Microsoft into the eco-system, lest it kill off the other competitors like an aggressive non-native plant species.

I am fascinated by networks and eco-systems, be they mechanical, conceptual, or biological and will be writing a lot more on this subject.

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