Day 1 in Paris!

Hi all,

Here are some pictures from Day 1 in Paris.  I’ll be working and living here for the next two weeks. My blogging application is acting a bit weird so the images are all really small. I’ll try to fix it for the next posts.

Here is Olivier at the Eiffel Tower. He was disappointed that I didn’t think more of it.


The sun shone for a few minutes but otherwise it was a slightly chilly fall day. The grounds were not too busy.


Yes these are Citroen 2CVs. You can rent them. The renters all seemed to have bought berets for the occasion. Or perhaps they provide them with the cars?


I loved the way this guy parked his Smart Car. It was almost like he was trying to hide it behind the parking meter – “You can’t SEE me!”


Here lived Antoine de Saint-Exupery from 1934 to 1940″. Home of the author of “The Little Prince”.



Napoleon is interred here:


Sorry about the rotation. My darned iPhoto upgrade keeps rotating the photos the wrong way and it won’t fix them. Here is Rodin’s The Thinker from three sides. I didn’t realize how buff Rodin’s models were! They were either all gym rats or else he made them larger than life.




Looking out the rear of the Musee de Rodin at the gardens.


The backside of The Triplets.


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