Department of Mutant Vehicles and Lessons from Burning Man's Planning Commission.

If you have not read anything about Burning Man, the anarchist art and culture festival held every year in the desert of Nevada, then you have been living under a rock. Here is a short but interesting article on the ongoing evolution of the Burning Man urban planning methodology. Picture building a city for 30-40,000 people, having it run for a week, and then tearing it all down in another 4 weeks and leaving behind not ONE scrap of garbage. It’s an absolute miracle that it works at all. I keep wondering if we’re going to see it die from its own success. I have not yet been but if anybody has been who is reading this blog, please drop your comments about your experiences. I would love to hear them.

Here is a picture from one of the previous layouts of the city:

And here are some links to their photo gallery.