Do you want to make technology better? Do you actually want it to work? I need your help to get my Technology Buyer's Manifesto up on the ChangeThis s

I submitted my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto to Seth Godin’s ChangeThis web site. They have now posted my proposal and it needs lots of votes. If it gets a lot of votes, then they will ask me to publish as one of their manifestos!

PLEASE help by posting this information to your various email distribution lists, newsletters, blogs, goodyear blimps, carrier pigeon networks, blog-friends, and anywhere else that you think might make sense.

To vote on my Manifesto you need to go to and hit the “Yes, Write This Manifesto” button.

Maybe if we get this published, we can finally get open music formats, open file formats, technology that works, and call centres that actually know what they are talking about.

Okay, even *I’m* not that naive. But it would be cool anyway.


(UPDATE: It has been accepted for the next step so it has been taken out of the voting list. THANKS! Now I just need time to re-write it….)