Ecto 2 for Mac OS X is still too buggy to use

I just downloaded Ecto2 for Mac OS X. Version 1.x was a disappointment so I was eagerly awaiting version 2.

I had a long posting here which I removed because it is easier and better to just summarize the horrible experience I had with Ecto2 this afternoon, which prompted me to once again remove it from my hard drive.

The bullet-point text editing is awful, as is the numbering, as is the indenting. And what I saw in the editor was NOT what I saw on the page. The code it generated even caused Ecto to give me a message when reading it back that said: “There are overlapping tags. Are you sure you want to proceed in viewing this?”

In short, the text-editing function, one of only two key functions that the program HAS, doesn’t work worth a damn.

Doesn’t anybody test this stuff? Hopefully they’ll get it with version 3.