Event: March 21, 2007: "Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture", presented to AJAX World in New York

I have the good fortune of speaking on March 21, 2007 at AJAXWorld and have chosen as my topic, “Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture”. The event “blurb” is here:

What do you do to maximize your revenue? The options are exploding, the ecosystem is becoming more complex and nobody seems to be able to simplify the ideas to the point that they are actionable. Which pricing model? Which ad network? Where? Why? This talk will look at current strategies for maximizing revenue from your Web 2.0 site. We’ll explore what top sites are doing and provide you with lessons you can take away and implement on your own site.

Resourcs: Event site, Powerpoint (not yet available)