EYE[D] - phone, IM, email, web, vital signs, e-coaching

Nike has released a concept gadget called the EYE[D] at Nextfest – A celebration of the cars, spacecraft, gadgets, drugs, TV, and gadgets of the year 2014:

Created by Nike Design
The ultimate gadget from Nike Design offers myriad sports-related features on top of the basics like telephony, messaging, email, and Web surfing. Central to Nike’s vision is [EYE]D’s so-called coaching engine, which analyzes everything from vital signs to body movement and makes adjustment suggestions in real time. This information is collected by MEMS sensors embedded in clothing and equipment. In addition to being an invaluable workout tool, this system also lets spectator [EYE]D units accept data from wired athletes, allowing fans to experience sporting events from the perspective of players.

Wow. Forget about heart rate monitors that stop connecting because they’re slipping off of your pulse on your chest. Now e-coaching will be more efficient and accessible to all levels of athletes from basic to advanced. Without such tools, e-coaching is always too generic. I’m looking forward to the release of these things to see what other uses they can be put to.