Fantastic business to build: Pro-active wellness systems (fitness, nutrition, support, education, sport, coaching) for the over 60 crowd

This article and many other articles like it point out the coming demographic bubble. What I always notice is that the responses are always very pro-active. They assume that the seniors will enter their golden age with problems and then degrade from there when that does not have to be the case at all.

I think that a fantastic business opportunity exists in building a complete system including gyms and fitness clubs, books, educational materials, coaching, social network-type online/offline communities, kinesiologists, high-level athletic coaches, and athletic therapists to grab seniors as they head into their 60’s and to get them from their entry point up to their maximal health capacity as quickly as possible so that they will live better, longer, more active, healthier lives. The ones who go first can then be there to coach the next round of entrants. The money spent on this would probably be 1/100 of the medical cost to just wait for these people to age and start to break down.

Of course, not all seniors will be interested in this. But to capture a large portion of them would still do wonders for our society, for them, and for overall healthcare costs.

Ideally, these funds would come OUT of the medical establishment budget (which they would fight tooth and nail.) That may not be possible, so it may have to come from the users themselves.