From the sublime to the ridiculous - our communication ecosystem is more complex than it needs to be

Okay, my Plaxo Pulse “simplify my life” quest spun out of control into exactly what I was hoping to avoid – a full-on examination of my various communication networks and channels. Too late.

My question is this. For all of us uber connected networking, writing, blogging, conference-going wonks, is your system as horrendous? What great ideas have you found to tame the chaos?

Current view:


And here’s the resulting Venn diagram of how my stuff just DOESN’T stay connected in one large meaningful (and simple) way.


Will somebody fix this please? It’s only going to get worse. I’d happily pay somebody a monthly fee to manage all of this, keep it clean and de-duped, analyze my email to capture email and phone number changes, and let me never think about this ever ever again.

And Skype team: WTF are you doing way out there in space?