GiftTrap tries to raise $1M for the Right To Play charity to bring sport and play to children across the world

Have you ever received a gift you hated? And then you either threw it away, hid it, or regifted it?

A good friend of mine is launching a new boardgame called GiftTRAP with which he hopes to raise $1M for Right To Play – an athlete driven international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play as a tool for the development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

The point of this game is to “rid the world of bad gifts” by helping you learn what your friends and partners REALLY want. Their blurb is:

“It’s the perfect gift to GET friends who know just enough about each other to be dangerous! A simple game about GIVING and GETTING. When the gifts get touchy, matching the right gift to the right person makes for some very interesting conversations!”

This is probably the first board game in the world to have most of its photography submitted by amateur digital photographers. The goal is to find 640 images of gifts from 300+ photographers from 40+ countries collected from Flickr and the GiftTRAP website where they are running a photo competition for the best images. Currently, they are still looking for more photos from amateur digital photographers of fun and interesting gifts. If they use your photo, you get a free copy of the game. Also, they are looking for companies with cool consumer brands that want to promote those brands, or charities that want to promote their cause. All three kinds of photos will represent gifts in the game.

The first 1,000 copies of the game will be sold (probably on eBay and through special event auctions) and a percentage of the revenues after that first 1,000 will also be donated, hopefully raising an eventual $1M for Right to Play.

Best wishes to the GiftTRAP team!!