Google can now be used to prove that your spouse is a drunkard who wasn't really doing errands. FINALLY, a real service.

Google launched Latitude – a features in Google Maps that lets you keep track of your friend’s locations. As with all technologies, this one will pose new challenges. I can’t wait for the first divorce stories to hit the press where spouses tracked their spouse’s activities and logged all of the locations they stopped. “Your Honour: this map that my client kept shows the six bars that the client’s husband was at in the four hour period before coming home late and yelling at the kids – CLEARLY my client has the right to a divorce.” I know that I often forgot what services are turned on or off at any given time and that will be the same for others. This can only provide brilliant fodder for the news in the year ahead. I hope that Loopt has a plan for this because their business application feature just disappeared into Google Maps.

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