GOP funds Nader; Bush finds Osama; non-printing election systems get rigged; and/or the election is illegally delayed - it's U.S. election time again!

Mark Morford strikes again with his brilliant take on the circus show that is about to be played out in the U.S.:


There is a sense of lawlessness, of desperation, among the Republican party right now. It is no longer a question of simply which party will run the show or which platform will have the most influence on policy. Rather, it’s about a radically polarized worldview: are we going to be an aggressive macho globally disrespected isolationist nation who has burned all bridges and molested all foreign relationships and mocked all global sympathy, or are we, as the GOP wants you to believe, going to become some liberal namby-pamby country where gays can marry each other and sexually deviant women can have abortions every day and everybody speaks French?

Because there is no middle ground. This is the GOP message. You are either with us, or you are a terrorist. You are either on the side of the “patriotic,” pro-war party of WMD lies and homophobia and violence toward the global community, or you’re a liberal hippie ‘Nam protester like that jerknose Kerry.


He covers the fact that GOP funders have been funding Nader’s campaign in order to split the vote on the left; how the voting machines without paper trails are causing havoc and could possibly even be used to steal election wins; and how the beloved Department of Homeland Paranoia (DHS) has been discussing delaying the election….because terrorists might want to delay the election.

I think this election year is going to be quite the ride. Thank God for Fahrenheit 9/11 and Michael Moore. If Bush gets back in again, the Americans deserve him, but unfortunately the rest of the world has to put up with him too.