Great customer service call of the day: Rogers issues me a new phone

A month ago, I bought a new Blackberry 7100. Because I renewed the contract for 3 years, Rogers gave me their renewal rate of $250 for the phone. This weekend I managed to submerge my cell phone in the ocean long enough for it to short out. I talked to my dealer and they could only sell me a full-price replacement. But one call to Rogers customer service to a very nice rep and he agreed to send me a new Blackberry 7130 (their newer faster model) for the renewal rate.  Congratulations Rogers for doing the right thing. It was my fault I dropped the phone in the ocean but your customer service rep stepped up to the plate and provided great service. Of course, it’s not altruism on their part. They are getting three years of a data plan and don’t want to lose that and I’m sure that factored into their calculations. But it was a nice gesture all the same.