Honey, what should we name our newborn? What do you think of Zabodny Krytlzpk? The domain name <zabodnykrytlzpk.com> seems open. Whoops, spoke too soo

I was checking the referrers list in my blog this morning as I’m always curious to know where people come from to get to my blog. I noticed that somebody had been searching for a friend of mine’s name at Google and had landed on my page. Except that when I redid that person’s search I realized they were looking for a different but similarly named person. Which brings me to my point.

When naming your child, you should find a name that works as a domain name. Since we still do not have many top level domains and we assume that personal sites are at xxx.com or xxx.org, that doesn’t leave a lot of name spaces. Of course there is the possibility of using the xxx.name domain but I know very few people (Stewart!!) who even KNOW about that domain, let alone use it.

I used to really hate my name when I was a kid because it was difficult to explain and to spell. But I have to say that I’m glad I have a distinctive name these days!