HP's Russ Daniels makes a great observation

In this article, Russ Daniels, the CP and CTO of HP’s cloud services, made an astute observation:  “We think data in the cloud is exactly the right place to be looking…You can’t look at process because you can’t dictate process across that variety of participants. You need to think about what information to they have to share with each other — how can we provide that information so that it’s available where it’s needed.”

As I look at two trends that I’ve been part of in the past couple of years, I see Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 which was about reaching out beyond the firewall and interacting across boundaries, and I see cloud computing which is about moving systems and applications outside of the firewall into “the space in between.” Now we have both desire/intent (enterprise 2.0) and ability (cloud) to enable much broader and deeper integration of networks of actors, be those vendors, suppliers, partners, or press.