I better look like a Navy Seal when I'm done this program because I'm in a lot of (good) pain from my new workouts with CrossFit Vancouver

If you haven’t read the LA Times article, the Men’s Health article, or the Men’s Journal article on Crossfit, you might not know what it is. It is a fitness regimen/program that started in LA about ten years ago and that is now spreading across North America, and which is favoured by the firefighting, police, military, and mixed martial arts type folks.

I signed up two weeks ago and went in to do my assessment. It was an inauspicious beginning. After about 15-20 minutes, I strained my neck doing pull-ups and had to pull the plug on the day and start over again a week later. Not surprising given my various back injuries that have kept me in rehab over the past 12 years. Interestingly, both of the main trainers had serious back injuries which they managed to heal with this workout so I’m hopeful that it will continue the progress I have made by trainiing with other methods.

A week after my false start, we tried again. I did the full asssessment and then began the one-on-one classes with the instructor. I have done only three classes so far. Without a doubt, it uses more of my muscles and is more exhausting than most of the workouts I have done in the past except perhaps all out adventure racing. It feels AWESOME in a “can you scratch my back and shampoo my head because I can’t reach behind my head right now” sort of way.

The primary trainers Craig and Trevor are great guys and the other folks I have met at the gym have all been really great and super supportive. Supportive in a way that says, “oh you have no idea how much pain is coming your way” 😉

I’ll report back on it in a month or two once I have gotten past the introductory sessions that one has to do before one can join the beginners class. The reason for the rigor on that is that they want to ensure that you have good form and movement pattern in all of trhe exercises before they unleash you in a classroom. It’s a great practice on their part.

More soon.