I (mostly) agree with Susan Scrupski's assessment of the Spring 2008 Enterprise 2.0 conference: it's a market waiting to happen, there are a lot of ve

Thanks Susan for your post. It reminds me that I never did post my summary of the Enterprise 2.0 conference this spring in Boston.

You say that you are frustrated that there is a slow pace of adoption. I saw the same thing but rather than being frustrated by it, we used that as a data point in our business to say, “this market is not maturing as fast as we thought it would.” You can either bang your head on reality (and be frustrated) or choose to view the world the way it is, not the way you want it to be. If there is slow adoption, there is a reason for it. Either this stuff isn’t that useful or people don’t see the 9x value and so they’re not going to adopt anything new.

My take-aways were similar:

  • There were a plethora of undifferentiated vendors (we have profiles and blogs!!)
  • “Methinks thou doth declare a market” was pretty prevalent in the echo chamber. It was a lot of vendors telling each other that there was really going to be a market.

I take issue with your somewhat unrelated line at the bottom of your email that declares that once all of humanity is socially connected, that it will “yield a greater humanity.” My full response would have to be an entirely different post but in short, “net friends” are not really social connection, despite what people might call it, and so far, interconnectedness does not seem to be causing the emergence of “greater humanity”, just more interconnected communication and more ability for people to only hear what they want and block out opposing voices. That’s a whole other blog post.

Thanks for the kick in the pants for me to summarize E2.0. Let’s see what happens in NY in fall 08. It will be interesting to see how far the market has advanced, if at all.