I want to Google my hard drive

The annoying thing about my hard drive is that I have to save a file somewhere and then put it in a folder. What if it is about Technology AND Art AND Society AND Biology? Sure, I could alias it into all those folders, but that takes too damned long so I throw it somewhere and then when I look for it later, I use the filename to try to find it again.

I for one am looking forward to when Google can search my hard drive. I can currently search the whole internet using the above five terms in .63 seconds. I currently have NO way to do this kind of flexible, ranked multi-phrase non-boolean searching in my own drive. I would have to do five different searches because if even one of those terms was missing, the file would not be found. And it would probably take a long time since I do not use the poorly implemented manual indexing built in to Mac OS X.

PLEASE, Google, when can I Google my hard drive? I will pay you for that. But a better question might also be, Apple, when can I Google my hard drive with OS X? (If they are REALLY paying attention, maybe this can be implemented in Mac OS 10.4, but I’m not holding my breath.)