If this isn't incentive to keep your teenagers busy I don't know what is. "Bored" German teenagers hack IDs and spend 80 Million Euros on e-shopping b

From the Register:


Three “bored” German teenagers blew a staggering £80 million (130 million) in just two hours after they ran amok in an online spending spree.

Using stolen credit card details the trio bought airplanes, works of art, designer clothes, restaurants, industrial machinery, patents and sound systems.

They were arrested by police on Friday more than six weeks after carrying out their astonishing haul.

According to Reuters, when police asked them why they had done, they said they were bored. ®


Something says to me that the systems we are building are fundamentally flawed when this can just “happen.” In the meantime, make sure your teenager signs up for every sport and club you can find. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to have a few discussions about basic morality. Yikes.

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