I'm back!

Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence. I got busy and Firefox also stopped working as a blog-editor. Once that happened, I stopped blogging. I have picked up a copy of Ecto 2 which has lots of flaws but at least it works. I never was able to troubleshoot the problem in Firefox. Darned computers anyway. I have twenty years of troubleshooting computers behind me and even I don’t know what’s wrong with the Java applet in Firefox that is used for editing blogs. Oh well, on with Ecto.

currently listening to Love Music (Twisted Jazz Mix) from the album “Om Lounge 3” by East West Connection

SECOND ATTEMPT: True to form, Ecto barfed the first time I tried to post this and gave me an error about my serial number not yet being on their server. So obviously they have designed Ecto 2 to call home. I’ve never been a fan of that kind of Big Brother-ish serial number management. Hopefully this will now post properly.