It will be a travesty if Michael Moore's 9/11 documentary gets rated R and because of that, limits its viewers and distribution.

I can’t remember the numbers but there are some rules of thumb that state that if a movie goes from PG-13 to R, it cuts its potential revenues to 20% or 30% of what it could be, because R rated movies often do not draw enough people and so they get limited distribution. This is why the R line is so important. It has become an arbitrary profit threshold. Fall below it and maximize profit. Go above it and pray that your movie will even break even.

The MPAA has rated Michael Moore’s new documentary with an R Rating, therefore damning it to profit-less hell, and ensuring that it will have relatively minimal distribution.

The reallly sick thing about this is that it’s okay to BE an imperial power, to ignore international law, to breach the Geneva Convention, and to torture the people who you are busy liberating, but whatever you do, don’t show it to the kids or the family. THAT would be awful.

I hope that Michael Moore succeeds with his appeal of this ridiculous rating.