Kentucky Senator-elects try to outdo each other's homophobia

Well, it’s a tough Senatorial race in Kentucky so they’re pulling out all the stops and playing the gay card.

One of Senator Jim Bunnings supporters, State Senate president David Williams, tried to sway voters away from Senate hopeful Dan Mongiardo by deriding him as a “limp wrist”. Not to be outdone, State Senator Elizabeth Tori said, “I’m not even sure the word ‘man’ applies to him.”

In fine Kentucky form, the “accused” responded by reminding his local Rotary club that he had in fact co-sponsored the bill supporting a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in Kentucky and said if elected he would support a similar bill in Congress.

So there you have Kentucky politics at its finest:

“Don’t vote for him, he’s a fag.”
“Am not! I hate fags more than you do!”

Sounds like a grade one schoolyard in, well, Kentucky. Appalling. Hopefully the citizenry are more enlightened than their political “leaders”.